Plaintiff (omitted) v. U-Haul Company of Louisiana and Republic Western Insurance Company
(March 2007)

Michael Sistrunk and Devin Fadaol won a victory for U-Haul in this bench trial before Judge Madeleine Landrieu in Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans. Plaintiff claimed that U-Haul employees cut the lock on his self-storage unit and stole or discarded over $100,000.00 worth of personal property. Plaintiff also alleged that U-Haul allowed rodents to destroy his personal property two years earlier in another self-storage unit.

After a two day trial, Judge Landrieu rendered a defense judgment in favor of U-Haul, finding that plaintiff failed to meet his burden of proof. Judge Landrieu also ruled that plaintiff submitted a fraudulent claim, awarded all court costs to be paid by plaintiff, and awarded attorney’s fees in favor of U-Haul.