McCranie Sistrunk Anzelmo Hardy McDaniel & Welch, LLC

About Us

McCranie Sistrunk Anzelmo Hardy McDaniel & Welch, LLC is an experienced, aggressive law firm providing a broad spectrum of legal services to corporate and individual clients. Established in 1991, McCranie Sistrunk presently serves as one of the top Southeast Region litigation firms.

At the core of the firm’s reputation is a strong, successful trial record. However, beyond the courtroom, McCranie Sistrunk shares its clients’ desire to control costs while receiving the highest quality legal representation. Thus, its attorneys are trained, determined negotiators. McCranie Sistrunk strives for innovative, cost-effective representation with high quality service.

McCranie Sistrunk delivers excellence through a depth – and breadth – of experience across a diverse range of legal practice areas. The firm further is staffed with attorneys that can provide legal representation in states outside of Louisiana, including Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, and Washington.