Marlene Shanks v. Winn Dixie
(March 2015)

Devin Fadaol and Heather N. Shockley obtained summary judgment for Winn Dixie Montgomery, LLC, in a personal injury lawsuit alleging multiple injuries from an alleged slip and fall in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The plaintiff claimed that she encountered a substance on the ground in one of the aisles, causing her to slip and injure her knee, back, and various other parts of her body.  The incident was partially captured on in-store video footage.   Defendants filed a Motion for Summary Judgment using the video footage to show that there was no notice of any substance on the ground, and no injury-causing event that could have lead to any possible damages.   The trial court judge in Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans granted Winn Dixie’s Motion for Summary Judgment, dismissing all of the plaintiff’s claims.