Creative Soft Solutions, LLC v. Soaring Eagle, Ltd.
(February 2005)

McCranie Sistrunk won a victory in favor of Soaring Eagle in a case entitled Creative Soft Solutions, LLC v. Soaring Eagle Consulting, Ltd., Docket # 03-2874, before United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, District Judge Carl J. Barbier. The case involved a time and materials contract in which Soraing Eagle was to develop a state of the art software for the plaintiff. Creative Soft Solutions, LLC brought suit against Soaring Eagle for deceptive trade practices and breach of contract. Soaring Eagle brought a counterclaim against Creative Soft Solutions under Louisiana’s open account statute for failure to pay its invoices. The court after a trial on the merits dismissed Creative Soft Solutions, LLC’s claims against Soaring Eagle Consulting, Ltd. and rendered a judgment in favor of Soaring Eagle Consulting, Ltd. on its counterclaim awarding Soaring Eagle $200,797.02, plus interest, court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.