Bookerrena Kraft, et al. v. Harry Lee, et al.
(December 2006)

Thomas P. Anzelmo won a victory in favor of Jefferson Parish, the Jefferson Parish Council and Deborah Villio in the case entitled Bookerrena Kraft, et al. v. Harry Lee, et al. in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. Plaintiffs sued the defendants alleging their Civil Rights were violated when the defendants failed to provide them adequate medical care and excessive force when Jefferson Parish Sheriff Deputies allegedly shot hundreds of bullets into a car injuring the plaintiffs and killing the driver. The District Court dismissed plaintiffs’ inadequate medical care claims against the remaining defendants because plaintiffs failed to allege how the defendants denied them adequate medical care. The District Court threw out plaintiffs’ Civil Rights claim against the Parish finding that the Parish was not responsible for the Sheriff’s alleged custom, policy or practices. Finally, the District Court dismissed plaintiffs’ claims against the Council because it was not an entity capable of being sued.